Our company is specialised in coal trading from Russia and Indonesia.

We can supply the following coals at this stage:

  • Thermal Coal
  • Metallurgical Coal
    • Coking Coal
    • PCI – Pulverised Coal Injection
  • Anthracite


If you are interested, please fill the following form and we will get back to very soon:
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Volatile content (Vdaf), %

Sulfur content (Std), %

Minimum net calorific value (Qir) MJ/kg

Ash content (Ad), %

Maximum moisture (Wir), %

Fraction of coal , mm

Maximum content of undersize, %

Maximum content of oversize, %

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What quality certificates of independent expert organizations do your company
accept (SGS, INCOLAB, Stewart Group or others)?


If it is not classified information, what is the annual volume of coal consumption in
your company?

What is preferable schedule of monthly deliveries of coal during the year (t/month)?


Please let us know what term of payment is preferred for your company:
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