Our company offering high quality fibre-cement products, such as: Diamond boards, Diamond artificial boards, Diamond sliding boards, Gypsum boards, Fences (cement boards) and roofing tiles, from Thailand manufactured by the leading fiber cement products manufacturer Diamond Building Public Company Limited, Thailand in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Diamond Building Products PCL is offering a wide range of the products for the UAE market. Nomad Trading Management DMCC can supply cement boards and other products via its local partners in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain.

You can find the products info here.

Our company assists in estimating the materials’ cost of your building and it allows you to understand what exact materials and accessories must be purchased to meet your requirements. You can always use our dedicated online service to have your estimation. Please click on the link to have estimated materials and accessories.

About Diamond Building Products

Mission of Diamond Building Products PCL
  • For our customers, we deliver products of high quality, with uniqueness in design for greater value at a competitive pricing. And in doing so we have adapted and applied modern technology, as well as offered excellent service to customers through our strong distribution channels and our competent management system
  • For our employees, we establish and promote a comfortable and sustainable learning environment, with the aim for continual progress and the well-being of employees. This will allow them to develop to their full potential
  • Corrugated tiles with good curvature and contour, good water runoff
  • For our society, we help and support the society we live in, and become an environmental-friendly company
  • For our shareholders, we maintain a secure financial return with continual and sustainable growth


We are in the business of manufacturing and distribution and also providing service for roof tiles, wall sidings and equipment/accessories. We believe that the capability to respond to the requirements and expectations of our customers, employees, society and our shareholders is the basis for the success and achievement of our mission.

Our Popular Abbreviation to Portray Our Corporate Value as "D-BUILD":

D - Diligence:
having perseverance and dedication to work, commitment towards success and excellence
B - Balance:
maintaining the balance of interest for all related parties, e.g. customers, employees, and shareholders
U - Unity:
working together as one
I - Integrity:
promoting justice and fairness and transparency in actions and conduct
L - Learning:
acquiring the knowledge and sharing, improving on a continual basis
D - Differentiation:
developing constantly to make a better difference

Our Corporate Values

We shall be diligent, dedicated in our work, and strive towards success and excellence, in attempting to maintain a balance of interest for all related parties, that is, customers, employees, and shareholders working together as one. This is achievable through integrity, honesty, justice, and transparency, where the knowledge is shared and improved on a continual basis, with ongoing development to make a better difference.

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